Rhinestone, Vinyl Start Up Equipment #3 Business in a Box

    200 Gross 10ss Crystal
    10ss Rhinestone Colors-50 gross
    10ss Rhinestone Colors-50 gross
    10ss Rhinestone Colors-50 gross
    10ss Rhinestone Colors-50 gross
    10ss Rhinestone Colors-50 gross
    Cutter Upgrade from 24" SAGA
    Press Upgrade from RIC-HP-3838SB
    Rhinestone Software
    Blades Extra
    Sticky Flock Stencil
    Rhinestone Brush
    Jumbo RS Brush
    T Shirt Vinyl
    Teflon Sheet 16x20
    Sign Vinyl
    Sticky Glitter Adhesive Vinyl
    Application Tape
    Rhinestone Tools
    Sticky Flock Workstation
    Rhinestone Tape
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    Rhinestone, Vinyl Business Start Up Equipment #3
    Business in a Box

    ( Works only with Full version Corel X5 and up)

    Basic Rhinestone, Vinyl, Decal Equipment Package
    This package

    Freight Quoted separately: because the bundles include so many parts, I only recommend ground shipping

    24” SAGA Cutter with Stand

    ( other upgrades optional)


    Hix 15”x15”  swingaway Press 

    (Geo Knight or Hotronix Upgrade Optional)


    (1) Rhinestone Color Chart

    500 Gross (28,800 Stones) Crystal Korean Rhinestones

    (250 Gross Colors) 5 color choices of 50 Gross Korean (36,000 Stones Total)


    12" X 10 Yard Roll of Sticky Flock

    Sticky Flock Workstation 

    Download of the Athletic 2.5" letters font and 6" numbers 2 color


    6 rolls of Heat Transfer Vinyl for Apparel or total 35 yards

    1)19”x5 yards   Silver Glitter Ultra T Shirt Vinyl, spe-gliu-01-5

    1)19”x5 yards   Hot Pink Glitter Ultra T Shirt Vinyl, spe-gliu-27-5

    1)19”x5 yards   Red Glitter Ultra T Shirt Vinyl, spe-gliu-03-5

    1)19”x5 yards   White Thermoflex plus T Shirt Vinyl, spe-pls-9100-5

    1)19”x5 yards   Red Thermoflex plus T Shirt Vinyl, spe-pls-9301-5

    1) 19"x 5 yards  Sheets Holographic Crystal,  spe-DS-5617-5




    Sticky Glitter Vinyl Decal Film and sign vinyl  for Windows and hard substrates.

    1) 5  yard roll of and pressure sensitive Glitter Material

    1) 24”x5 yards  White Intermediate Econo Vinyl 

    1) 24”x5 yards  Red Intermediate Econo Vinyl 

    1)24"x 5 yards Black


    11) 24”x5 Yards  Vinyl (mixed Colors) or the same as 24"x 15 feet

      1) 12"x100' clear masking for sign Vinyl

    (1)  Rhinestone Auto Close Tweezers

     (1) Rhinestone Handle Brushing Tool

     (1) Rhinestone Large Brush 

    1 9.5x20 yards or 50’ Feet of Hot Fix Transfer Tape

    1 Tube to hold Rhinestones

    1 Rhinestone Scoop

    1 Rhinestone Scrapper

    2) Weeding tools, straight and curved

    1 Teflon Heat Press Cover Sheet 16”x20”

    1 T Shirt Vinyl Color Chart

    1 Sign Vinyl Color Chart






    (2)  45 Degree Blade & (2) 60 Degree Blade, 



    10 cotton T shirts mixed color and sizes


    design or rhinestone software not included

    Copy of Instant Designer by Action Illustator Vector Graphics package