Rhinestone Starter Package, no software or cutter , scaled back package

    60 Degree Blade
    Rhinestone Software
    Vinyl Cutter
    Heat Press
    Is a Lift Gate Needed? If heat press added
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    Rhinestone Stater Kit, Scaled Back Package- Rhinestone supplies & tools.  No Software no cutter. Includes Rhinestones, tools and supplies.
     Includes basic:
    Rhinestone Tools
    Plastic Fill Tray with lid
    Rhinestone Sample Card
    2 each-Squeegee, small and larger
    Weeding Picks (Qty = 2)
    Rhinestone Brush
    Tweezers- self closing
    Starter Supplies
    Stencil Material
        EZ  Weed (25.5 mil)  15" x10feet
        Hot Fix Tape 9.5" x 5 yards
        Weeding Tape 3" x 100 yards
        Backer Board 9" x 12" (Qty = 6)
        50 Gross (7,200) Crystal    6ss
        50 Gross (7,200) Crystal  10ss 
        20 Gross (2,880) Crystal  16ss
        5 Gross   (288) Crystal  20ss
     You will need a 60 degree or 54 degree blade for your existing cutter.