Oki proColor 920WT White and Color Laser Printer 11.6x52" for Laser Heat Transfers

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    Oki proColor 920WT White and Color Laser Printer  11.6x52" for Laser Heat Transfers

    Free OKI Start-up Kit

    Graphics Centering Ruler for centering logos

    Magik Fabric Pen for making marks on t-shirts and then the mark disappears

    Pro T-shirt Folder for quickly and professionally folding t-shirts

    Heat Resistant Gloves for handling transfer material

    Heat Transfer Tape for taping substrates together

    Heat Tape Dispenser for the tape

    OKI HD Toners

    One Step and Two Step Transfer paper


    The OKI proColor 920 WT is an innovative, high speed and affordable LED transfer printer which utilizes a revolutionary white toner to

    image onto white and dark colored t-shirts and other substrates using transfer media.
    Key Features
    * High Speed and High Performance LED Transfer Printer Using Revolutionary White Toner
    * Ultra-High Speed Imaging--Images 22 Pages/Min or 1,320 Pages/Hr of 12” x 18” High Quality Prints
    * 1200 x 600 DPI Print Resolution for Clear, Sharp Text and High Definition Graphics
    * High Definition (HD) Color Printing Technology for Increased Color Depth and Richer Hues—Even on      Ordinary Papers
    * Fits Seamlessly into Your Existing Color Printing Workflow
    * Standard Duplex (2-Sided) Printing for Back-to-Back Image Prints
    * Uses OKI Toners (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White) and Can Transfer Image onto Dark, Light and      Colored T-Shirts
    * Media Flexibility with Low Cost Per Page
    * Paper Sizes Ranges from Legal, Letter, A3, Tabloid (11" x 17"), Tabloid Extra (12" x 18") and More
    * Color Matching and Color Correct Utilities--Can Color Match Pantone Color Books
    * Ideal for Dye Sublimation and T-Shirt Markets in Addition to Signage and Color Separation Applications
    Ideal Applications
    For a surprisingly modest investment, the OKI proColor 920 WT printer gives you rapid print speeds, excellent color fidelity, superior
    media flexibility and genuine ease of use. What’s more, it uses OKI’s ultra-reliable digital LED print technology to keep you printing
    page after page, day after day. Consistent quality, versatile media handling, faster workflows, ease of use, maximum up time, and most
    importantly, the OKI proColor 920 WT is a printer promising incredible return on investment.
    The OKI proColor 920 WT printer features a revolutionary high definition white toner with vibrant, outstanding color images for
    transferring onto white and dark colored t-shirts of various fabric types including cotton, polyester, silk, 50/50 cotton/polyester blend
    and more. Applications include production of t-shirt graphics, garment decorations, signage and beyond.
    Includes the OKI proColor 920 WT printer and a starter set of OKI high definition toners (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White) and starter sheets of Transfer paper.

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