Swing Man 20D Twin (Swing Away Press)with digitsl readout

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    SwingMan 20D© Specs Twin, Dual Platten (Swing Away Press)with digital readout & two 16"x20" platens


    * 16" x 20" Platen (40.6 x 50.8 cm)

     * 14.5 Amps 1750 Watts (120v)

     * UPS Shipping available

     * Digital timer reading in both minutes and seconds.

    * SwingAway Platen.

    * Digital Time and Temperature Control.

    * Items up to 1 3/4" Thick

    * Full Pressure Adjustment

    * Heavy duty even heating

    * Lifetime warranty on heating element.

     * Repbatable pressure settings.

    * Self leveling lower. Freight not added to order, must go truck line,

     * Dual 16" x 20" Platen (40.6 x 50.8 cm x2)

    * Box Size 49" x 43" x 35" (125 x 110 x 89 cm)

    * 14.5 Amps 1750 Watts

    * Shipping Weight 225lbs + Crating

    The HIX SwingMan TWIN series, now available in two different sizes, offer increased production without taking up valuable workspace. The SwingMan 25D TWIN features an oversized 20"x25" or choose our 20D TWIN with a standard 16"x20" (surface area) swingaway heat platen both in a dual (TWIN) lower design.

    The SwingMan TWIN series design was built for increased production; layout one substrate while the press is applying your graphics on the other platen. Dual self-leveling lower platens remain stationary while the heat element swivels between the two, eliminating risk of transfer or substrate movement associated with some shuttle systems. Uneven pressure is eliminated with the self-leveling design of the lower platens.

    • The SwingMan 20D TWIN (16"x20") is perfect for those looking to create tiles, press XXL or smaller size shirts, ceramic tiles, puff transfers, hot split transfers, glass cutting boards, rhinestones, license plates, garments, mouse pads, plaques, and more!