Subli Patch 11x17, 10 sets of A,B Sublimation Patch Material

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    Subli Patch 11x17, 10 sets of A,B Sublimation Patch Material

    Custom make custom shapes and sizes, dont be stock with standard sized patches, 
    can be embroidered after applying to garment.

    Sold in 10 sets, part A & B, 10 ) sheets of the flock and 10 sheets of the adhesive backings, 11x17

    Subli Patch is a new product that allows you to print and cad-cut images to be heat pressed onto dark garments, cotton garments.  No need to worry about using 100% polyester fabrics,  you can press on most fabrics.

    What is Subli Patch:

    Subli Patch is a two-step process that requires printing your image onto sublimation paper, then pressing it onto the Subli Patch material. This fabric material can be cad-cut using a vinyl cutter in order to get detailed, professional results, or can be applied directly to your garment. 

    Features and benefits:

    White Polyester Sublimation Flock

    Glue Adhesive and Backer sheet included with the package

    Bright Color Reproduction

    Sharp Clean details

    No Edge sewing required

    Finished patches can transfer to:
    - Cotton
    - Polyester
    - Polyester cotton Blends
    - Works on all colors including dark colors
    - Caps
    - Shirt collars and sleeves
    - Work and Sports Uniforms
    - Canvas Bags

    Will not fade or crack after multiple washings

    Highly recommend the Graphtec cutters for contour cutting 

    Pressing Details
    when designing, make your or registration marks, cut lines on the print so the cutter can find to register cutting

    Print image in reverse onto sublimation paper

    Press paper onto Subli Patch fabric, 400 degrees for 40 seconds

    Press glue sheet to back of Subli Patch, on the back side of the pressed sublimation flock you just pressed, because you are pressing the adhesive (the textured side is the glue side that needs to face the back side of the printed flock) to the back side of the pressed flock, you will need a Teflon sheet on the heat press platen to protect from the gassing when you are pressing the adhesive to the back side of the flock. Press the glue sheet to the back of the Subli-Patch at 305º F for 4-5 seconds firm pressure with a Teflon sheet underneath the Subli Patch. Make sure the flock is face down and the back of the glue sheet is towards the heat platen

    Do not peel the backing off yet. Then take to the vinyl cutter.

    Contour cut images out- The depth of the blade should cut through the Fusible Graphics fabric and the glue, but not so deep as to cut through the glue’s backing sheet. For best results you may want to use a slower speed when cutting, around 10. Graphtec force about a 25 pressure of force.

    Weed the area you are not needing to press. Leave the area you are going to press on the transfer backing.

    Peel when ready to Press.

    Press the Subli Patch to garment

    Temperature: 320-340 F, Firm Pressure. Make sure you lay a teflon sheet on top so the gassing of the sublimation does not get on your top heat platen.

    Time: 15 seconds

    Care: Before Washing Wash inside out in cold water. Dry at normal heat settings. Do not use bleach, fabric softener, or harsh detergents? Do not iron directly over transfer.