Graphtec Rhinestone I Design Pro bundle with Vinyl Cutter Bundle 24" CE6000-60 with Sticky Flock Start up kit

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    Graphtec Rhinestone I DesignR Pro bundle with Vinyl Cutter Bundle 24" vinyl cutter, 

    Includes Graphtec 24" CE6000-60 cutter, Rhinestone IdesignR  Pro software ( will do auto fills) and SEPS start up Sticky Flock Kit. 


    Sticky Flock Work Station, 

    2 sheets sticky flock material, 

    20 gross 10SS Rhinestones clear,

    20 Gross 16ss Clear, 

    12.5"x2 yd  heat transfer tape,

    rhinestone container for storing Rhinestones,

    special self closing tweezers, rhinestone brush,

    2 each Burnisher,

     Rhinestone picks  for rhinestones,

    Rhinestone scoop,

     rhinestone sample card, 

    6 cotton colored shirts

    T-Shirt Vinyl sample ring. 

    Graphtec Red blade holder and 60 degree blade. 

    Freight Quoted separately: because the bundles include so many parts, I only recommend ground shipping