Graphtec iDesignR PRO II Rhinestone Software

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    i-DesignR Pro  II is Graphtec’s exclusive Graphic Design software package for use with all Cuters,will work with any cutter, just save file as eps and import into existing cutting software.  With powerful vector editing, import filters, and automatic rhinestone pattern creation applied to your vector design — for the ultimate, custom apparel application. You can design using shape tools, clipart and single line fonts.

    Professional Software for Graphtec F FC & CE series cutting plotters

    i-DesignR® PRO II is Graphtec’s exclusive graphic design software

    package for use with the FC8000, CE6000 and CE5000 series cutting

    plotters. i-DesignR® PRO II includes powerful vector editing, import

    fi lters, and automatic rhinestone pattern creation applied to your vector

    design—for the ultimate, custom apparel application. You can design

    using shape tools, clipart and single line fonts. The software includes

    a full Swarovski rhinestone library, rhinestone count and project cost

    capabilities, and multiple automatic fi ll patterns.

    Compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP & Vista



    i-DesignR® PRO II also contains all the standard

    sign-specifi c layout tools and a full suite of text, vector

    and raster design tools for traditional vinyl signs,

    contour cut (Print and Cut) decals and stickers. Designs

    for heat transfer material can also be created

    for personalized shirts, sports wear, caps and more!



    General Features Text Tools

    Cutting Tools

    Design Tools

    Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista support

    OLE: insert object and convert to native

    Multiple Instances


    Import/export filters:

    incl. SVG, PSD, PS (export)

    PDF import, link, publish and edit

    Clip-art viewer

    Grids and guides (vertical, horizontal, angled),

    lock guides

    Multiple undo/redo and undo navigator

    Pre-load color vinyl libraries/modify

    Built-in TWAIN support

    Scaling, sizing, fitting, alignment, flip

    Lock/unlock graphics for editing

    Automatic presentation templates

    Job notes/statistics

    E-mail proofs

    WYSIWYG text layout (horizontal /vertical)

    Font detective

    Insert symbol

    Text to arc

    Spell checker

    Fit text to path

    Font creator

    Auto kerning

    Interactive kerning

    Multiple text selection

    Upper/lower case control

    Copy/apply text attributes

    PostScript and URW font support

    Embed fonts with saved native files

    Convert text on screen to strokes

    Convert TrueType to Single Line Fonts

    Cut preview

    Cut sorting

    Plot spooling

    Interactive tiling/paneling for

    printing and cutting

    Contour cut with auto-bleed

    Multi cut passes for thick materials

    Send & receive cut files across network

    Graphtec FC8000, CE6000 & CE5000 Drivers

    Parametric shapes tool

    (stars, circles, rectangles, fan, arrows)

    Graphics create/edit

    Ginsu knife

    Clip-art + decorative borders

    Decorative Cut

    Rhinestone Tools

    Proper placement of Rhinestones collision avoidance

    & corner optimization

    Use different sized stones and colors for line and fill placement

    Rhinestone Fills—Including Line, Spiral, Center Line Spiral,

    Random, Grid and Staggered Grid

    Freehand Drawing with Rhinestone

    Count Rhinestones and export info

    Convert bitmaps to Rhinestones

    Create Rhinestone text in seconds

    Replace any object or objects

    with a Rhinestone

    Dynamically adjust spacing

    of Rhinestones

    Output single or multi color

    rhinestones easily

    Rhinestone Simulation

    Swarovski rhinestone library


    Power Tools

    Copy from Corel, Illustrator, Photoshop

    Lasso Selection Tool

    Object Area

    Select all Bitmaps

    Select all Text

    Improved CenterLine Tracing

    Dimensioning, measure and add labels

    Convert stroke to cut outlines

    AccuScan: B/W vectorization

    Instant Replay

    Registration marks


    Fit object to path

    Fuse weld

    Color welds

    Digitizing support

    Color vectorization


    Special Effects (vector designs & text)

    Create and edit strokes & vary stroke by scale factor

    Shadows: perspective, cast, drop, block

    Retain object fi lls after welding

    Distortions/special effects

    Automatic striping



    Chisel effect



    Compatible with 8, 7, XP & Vista


    No Cutter, specialty blade will be needed call for us to help you decide what blade is needed