Graphtec Rhinestone I design CE, 15" bundle with Vinyl Cutter Bundle 15" CE6000

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    Graphtec Rhinestone I design CE Rhinestone software bundle Robocraft CE6000 vinyl cutter no stand,  Includes Graphtec 15" Robo Craft Pro cutter, Rhinestone Idesign R software and start up supplies, Includes Graphic start up basic Kit.


  • Graphtec 15" CE6000-40 Vinyl Cutter or, upgrade to a larger cutter!
  • IDesignR  CE design program
  • Graphtec's Rhinestone Starter Kit complete with rhinestone brush, rhinestone stencil sheets, backing board sheets, transfer tape sheets and crystal rhinestones.
  • Kit includes:

  • Product Description

    This Rhinestone Starter Kit has been developed for use with your Graphtec CE5000 professional cutting plotter. Each element has been selected to complement one another and make production of the design quick and easy. Graphtec America also offers Graphtec Rhinestone Stencil Media and Graphtec Rhinestone Transfer Tape in rolls; Graphtec Rhinestone Backing Board in sheets, and hot fix Rhinestones.

    Contents of this kit:
    Rhinestone Brush qty 1
    Rhinestone Stencil qty 5
    sheets of 8.5"x11"
    Backing Board qty 5
    sheets of 8.5"x11"
    Transfer Tape qty 5
    sheets of 8.5"x11"
    Crystal Rhinestones qty 50 gross
    10ss (3mm) with storage jar
    i-DesignR Intro Video
    Instruction Guide
    Or, upgrade to one of these other great Graphtec CE Series cutters!
  • Graphtec 24" CE6000-60 Vinyl Cutter with stand
  • Graphtec 48" CE6000-120 Vinyl Cutter with stand
  • IDesign Pro Software Upgrade 
  • or add SEPS Rhinestone upgraded kit,
  • with a 15"x10' EZ Weed Stencil  Material, 
  • backer boards,
  •  RS Tape,
  • More Korean RS.
  • Rhinestone Card,
  •  Rhinestone weeding tools,
  • see part # rhi-starterpackage